Sweet Chunes : Chipping Pick

Lawd this here so sweet. I can just see myself going down the road, drink in hand and sun beating down doing a slow chip to this.



Sweet Chunes: Spirit of the Festival

Y’all know I have been calling for Lil Rick to become Sir Rick for the last 8 years at the very least. He is the ultimate Bajan and only Rick could produce a song that sounds unequivocally Bajan and give you goosebumps every time you hear it.

In the video, he uses images from Crop Overs from as far back as 1994 and good lawd it almost made me shed a tear. If you don’t like this just go down to the Passport Office and turn in your documents.

Sweet Chune Pick #1

Recently, there has been controversy over Holla Bak’s interview on Festival Stage with Anthony Nelson, aka Admiral. No matter what your take is on the interview you have to admit that Holla Bak has one of the sweetest chunes for the season.


Now that I’m getting closer to my vacation I can post a bit more about chunes, costumes and parties.