Xhosa Barbados Launch 2018: Circle of Life


*stares in wine hangover*

*stares in sore quads and glutes*

*stares in bashment*

Once again Xhosa Barbados’ launch was lit. 

At this point, I could just copy and paste last year’s review but what fun would that be?

– Parking.

Lol the parking attendant by the Stadium has to be the most nonchalant being I have ever met and that’s saying something considering I spent two hours by myself with cats that didn’t know me in my friend’s house.

That aside, the parking area was definitely secured and close to the venue.

– Venue.


Love the stage set up

This is my first time going to the NCC Botanical Gardens. Honestly, didn’t even know it existed. The walk to the venue was super dark and since it was in a natural setting the ground undulated (check me using all my Common Entrance words) so patrons had to take care where they were stepping. I loved the set up of the stage which enabled more patrons to see the costumes up close and to get decent photos.


White girl bend over

Actual photo of me doing a 6:15. I’m 35…I am not throwing out my back to contort myself in a 6:30

The above is all you need to know.


Didn’t bother to check the bar because I had a bottle of Apothic Red.

-Presentation of costumes.

Circle of Life and Xhosa came through with the goddesses (Ceres), death (Reaper) and aspects of the natural world (Lignum Vitae). I really enjoyed the sections and making the connection to the theme.

The presentation started with some West African dance and then came the costumes which were really beautiful, there was even some thought behind the men’s costumes, but definitely, there were some crowd faves.


Love this mesh get up. Phoenix Option B, led by Punchy Punch and designed by Keisha Als.


I would probably fight someone to be in any of the options for this section, Aja. Designed by Humzee and led by Richard Rollocks

View the all of the costumes here.


Xhosa does the right thing by using dancers as models because the hype is always there on stage.


Aisha Commisiong wearing the shit out of Christian Boucaud designed Ari.


There was a good mix of skin tones and body types on the stage. Xhosa set the trend with this years ago and I’m pleased to see it was not a one-off situation.

I had a great time and I hope Xhosa continues in this vein for their road experience this year.

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Xhosa Barbados Launch 2017: Pure


*struts in*

*drops down in right side lunge*

*shakes boxy*

Xhosa was lit. 

Go home, folks. This is all you need to know.


– Parking.

Parking was adequate and the area seemed really secure.

– Venue.

St. Anns Fort seems to be a favourite for Xhosa and I can understand why. It’s relatively secluded, easy to secure and it is breezy enough that patrons won’t be uncomfortable. The stage was a lot longer than last year and allowed for better viewing from all sided by interested patrons who wanted to capture the costumes for themselves.



Listen *clap* to *clap* me *clap*

Yuh see this ” We don’t pose. We party” slogan Xhosa has? They live by it. They get it right with each event. The DJs kept the hype going from beginning to end. The sets were sweet and each tune just seemed to build the hype more. After the costumes launched and Barry Hype and Patrick came on they threw some hip hop and dancehall in the mix. I would have preferred soca all night but after a certain amount of drinks have been drunk you will dance to anything as long as the beat is hype. I don’t think I was alone in wanting this but we took it on the chin and partied on.


There was no gin. I dunno why y’all stay trying me. Yes, I know it was a cooler party but my personal level of petty demands that gin is at any event I go to even if I could have brought some from home.

(I ran out of Hendricks and was too busy with work to get more. Sue me)

-Presentation of costumes.



Pure is Xhosa’s theme.

I don’t understand it. I didn’t see anything in the sections presented that makes any reference to purity. Pure vibes? Pure Bajans? Pure what?

I dunno.

Anyway… I like pretty things so I just let it slide.

The opening dance routine was on point and I wish to Versace that one day I, too, can have a boxy like any one of those dancers.

There were 4  sections out of the 10 presented that really caught my eye.


Scorch Bim always bring fyah costumes and this combo of white and gold was really gorgeous. I have to check out the situation for big busted women like myself when I see the costume in person but I loved all three versions of the costume.


By Carlori’s costume. I just love how damn extra this costume is. Everything about it is over the top and wonderful.




The Xhosa models, as usual, brought the hype to the stage. Again I seem to have a fave in Cassie-Marie St. John. Something about this woman brings a certain energy to the costume. Like I wanna be in her section just to do bad and juck down with her.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 4.04.17 PM

Miss Hype (Cassie) dey so in de middle.

There was an effort.  I was totally wowed by the plus size section last year and was pleased to see Ashley Thornton reprising her role as Xhosa’s Plus Sized Hottie. I was really hoping to have seen a different design for the plus sized ladies but I still like that, again, a major Kadooment band included them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 4.11.18 PM


In short, which I never am, Xhosa launch and cooler party was bashy as <insert your curse word of choice>. I’m looking forward to seeing the costumes at the band house and the price points for the costumes. You can obviously keep up to date on Xhosa’s website.


*Disclaimer (cuz people love to run dem mout): Do Dixie is affiliated with no band or business for Crop Over. I do run Juck Down, a 12- week women only training program designed to make women Crop Over sexy and do dixie on the road during the season (and yes this is a completely shameless plug)*

Awaken Ultra Premium

I know that this review took like a week to come but, to be honest my job got in the way and then this past week’s tragic events internationally brought my spirits right down. I’m really looking forward to letting loose this Crop Over feeling some joy. It’s part of the reason I love this time of year so much. There’s an opportunity for everyone in the country to come together, feel good and temporarily find a reprieve from all the ills of the world.

That being said…I bring you this review in the name of Kadooment Jesus.

Praise Her.

I’ve been hearing about Awaken constantly from last year. Normally, I don’t do breakfast fetes because I’m a massive grump in the morning and I don’t relish the thought of an angry mob of party patrons demanding the promoters kick me out of the party. However, I took the advice of  one of my personal training clients and purchased a ticket.


I woke up around 4:30 to pouring rain and literally cursed the fact that I don’t drive a truck or SUV. There’s nothing more annoying that trying to get a small car out of a muddy area. I briefly reconsidered going back to bed and not going at all but I’d made plans with a friend to carpool. The parking didn’t turn out to be bad at all and patrons didn’t double park.


Kendal Sporting.

I’ve always found Kendal to be beautiful as a location and it didn’t disappoint. It’s very green and the clubhouse is lovely. You’d be hard pressed to make a mess of this venue. The entire layout of the fete was great and the raised dance floor in front of the stage encouraged patrons to do dixie.


No gin! Again.

I’m really starting to think that wunna don’t want me at wunna fetes but I gine do like my Auntie Ena says and not take things personally. Therefore, as a founding member and leader of Team Bad Decisions, I chose to drink champagne, which was fantastic. According to my other friends who were there the cocktails and other spirits were good as well. For the most part, the bartenders were friendly and attentive except this  bartender chick at the champagne bar, who tried to school me on how to pronounce Moet et Chandon and then ignored my group every time we went to the bar.

Here you go boo.



I like my belly. A lot. If I attend an all-inclusive like Awaken I expect the food quality to be superb. I was not disappointed at all! Bar Cutters and Caribbean Villa Chefs by Dane Saddler provided a wide array of traditional Bajan and  continental breakfast foods that had patrons waiting patiently in long lines, especially at the roasted breadfruit station, which was done by Strong Foods.

I love when parties showcase local talents and fare. I’m so tired of attending parties where doubles, corn soup and bake and shark are offered exclusively.


From my previous posts,you can tell I have nothing but the utmost respect for Grynner. He is legendary. However, the legend seems tired and his performance was lackluster. Lots of people stood around, talked and drank during his performance.

Don Trent. Meh. The boy can sing but he didn’t bring much hype to the fete at all.

DJ Puffy came on and sent the crowd wild by playing the first bashment soca I heard since I arrived around 5:30 at the party.

The party got even more hype when the newly crowned Bashment Soca King Stiffy came on and sang almost all of his discography.


Despite the fact that the police threatened to shut down the fete an hour prior to the scheduled finish they didn’t and patrons carried on partying in the blazing hot sun.

On leaving the venue, the door staff gifted patrons with branded souvenir bottles of rum punch. I thought that was a nice touch.

Well done to the guys at Brewster’s Road Crew. The party was great. I’ll definitely be attending next year.


*Due to some stuff I’ve been hearing and direct questions I’d just like to say I am affiliated with no band or business for Crop Over. I’m just a complete Crop Over lover who runs  Juck Down: The Crop Over Bootcamp, which helps people to improve their fitness to do dixie on the road during the season (and yes that is a complete and shameless plug)*