Sweet Chunes : Chipping Pick

Lawd this here so sweet. I can just see myself going down the road, drink in hand and sun beating down doing a slow chip to this.



Sweet Chune Pick #1

Recently, there has been controversy over Holla Bak’s interview on Festival Stage with Anthony Nelson, aka Admiral. No matter what your take is on the interview you have to admit that Holla Bak has one of the sweetest chunes for the season.


Now that I’m getting closer to my vacation I can post a bit more about chunes, costumes and parties.

Tune of the week 

I hope to highlight a new tune every week that I love. Hopefully de artistes don’t form the fool and shame me into having a tune of the month.
Peter Ram aka Ramma aka De Yella African dropped his first song “Good Morning” for 2016 and I am already doing dixie to it.

My Top 5 Bajan Soca Songs

This morning I was idling on my bed after my morning workout and shower when a friend sent me a WhatsApp message. I opened the phone and all I saw was “Peter Ram got song of the year again”. I actually scoffed at the message . I scoffed, not because I don’t like Peter Ram but I’m just that kind of person that has to experience things for herself. I tuned into Hott 95.3 FM to listen.


I leaned to the right and did my customary soca lunge with a slow juck down. I get on bad de whole time.

After the song was done I started thinking about Bajan soca and decided to do a list of my top 5 favorite Bajan soca songs. I cant even list them in order because all rank at #1 for me.

Bobo has to be the most underrated Bajan soca artist. I ainno if he foop somebody woman but there was a couple of years where de man was producing the best songs every year bar none yet couldn’t get any airplay at all.

Not only is Grynner “The Ugly Man” he is the grandfather of Bajan Road March tunes, and has won the title an unprecedented 6 times. He was a child hood favorite and he still delights to this day.

Lil Rick is the quintessential Bajan and I believe he should be knighted. The first 5 seconds of Hard Wine is the bashiest, dibbiest of any soca song ever. If Grynner defined the 80s for me, Lil Rick defined the noughties (yuh does say that? cuz I ain really know. The decade after the year 2000 is wha I mean).

If you’re like me and aint bout de chipping and yuppie wines in a fete or Kadooment Day this is the song for you. Even though this song is barely a year old  it became an instant favorite for me. I remember when he debuted it at Elevate last year. Bechrist, I never see nuttin so yet. After initially clutching my pearls and then bending down I looked left and right and realize that all the girls were bashing out. Sometimes I’m at work and I hear this song and it’s a struggle not to juck right down.


Turnnn aroundddd fahhhh big redddddd.

I’m sure my friends on social media are sick of me posting this. Since this has been released I’ve posted about this at least 3 times every year. This song can never die. If you’re into bashment soca you can’t deny that this is one of the bashiest things to ever come out of Bim.

I gine here and bash out for the rest of Friday and then hit Baje launch tonight.